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Experienced Tattoo Artist – Epitome of Artistry

If you’re searching for a tattoo artist of the highest caliber, then The Spectre is the right place for you. We serve as a shelter for the brave and tattooed.
The legacy of our founder, Lliam O’Brien, spans over 27 years, standing as a model of the trade, ensuring we go beyond just surface-level craftsmanship.
A master of eerie blackwork tattoo, where shadows dance with ghostly shapes, we are a mercenary of ink skilled in spinning tales of the unknown.
Our ability encompasses using vivid watercolor and exact geometry, transforming unearthly concepts into tangible, breathing tattoos.
The Spectre gives life to the macabre in all its forms, relishing the dark and bizarre. Our writing weaves the earthly and the mystical together in tales that resound across time.
Our brand, The Spectre, created by hands that have left their mark on the world, is an invitation to the bold and a gateway to the fascination of tattoo art.

Experience the Utmost Support Of Our Tattoo Artist

The Spectre is a shining example of artistic creativity and diversity in the tattoo community. In addition to creating exceptional designs, Lliam O’Brien, a talented tattoo artist, prioritizes each client’s safety and comfort.
As the best tattoo artist according to our clients, we execute your idea accurately and innovates while remaining dedicated to care and quality.
Your tattoo experience will be as safe as possible, thanks to the efforts of The Spectre support team. We are here to help you through the procedure, answering any concerns, from the initial consultation to the aftercare.
Assuring that your tattoo experience is handled with consideration, quality, and openness, our tattoo artist welcomes people from all walks of life to celebrate their tales through ink.

The Work of A True Custom Tattoo Maker Enthusiast

The Spectre transcends the limitations of a fixed atelier and shines as a distinctive light in the realm of tattoo art.
Lliam O’Brien travels the globe with his inked tapestry as the only artist-owned tattoo parlor with a wanderlust. The Spectre is a gallery of custom tattoo and experiences.
You’ll find a dedication to professionalism, knowledge, and exceptional competence when you hire us.
A single canvas doesn’t limit true artistic expression, and The Spectre embraces this idea by providing a decorative and custom tattoo design.
Every line and color in our tattoo designs tells a story of passion and skill. It’s a haven for people looking for more than ink; it’s a pilgrimage for those looking for inspiration.

Contact Us For A Seasoned Tattoo Artist

We appreciate you thinking about The Spectre for your custom tattoo needs. We’re here to make your creative concept a magnificent reality.
Only our commitment to your pleasure rivals our devotion to professionalism and knowledge. Prepared to begin? Please schedule a consultation with our skilled tattoo artist right away!
We are here to help you through the process whether you have a design in mind or need help honing your idea. Our primary concerns are your comfort and faith in our skills.
Lliam O’Brien, considered the best tattoo artist, is excited to hear from you and embark on a creative adventure with you.


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The most common method of tattooing in modern times is the electric tattoo machine, which inserts ink into the skin via a single needle or a group.

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